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Author Topic: EN: How to Appeal a Ban  (Read 803 times)

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EN: How to Appeal a Ban
« on: 06. August 2012, 02:33:28 »
  • Mostly important:
    -> "I have been Votebanned, please unban me!"
    Definately not. You got Votebanned by the Players, they dislike your behavior or whatever. On that case, don't bother us and be patient: you will be unbanned automatically in about 1 hour.

    Be nice and respectfull. If you autorage inhere, you may not be unbanned when you've been banned by an Admin.
    Got banned by accident? that can happen, tell us if so.

  • how to / what you should post:
    • Post your Steam-ID, your name, whatever is needed
    • When were you banned?
    • Who banned you? (only if you know, not if you only suspect)
    • What happened on the Server? (behavior of others, trolling, etc)
    • Additional Demos, Screenshots to prove your innocence

  • 1 thread per ban. if you got banned in the past, appealed, got released, and banned again, you have to open a new thread.
    But you do not open several threads for the same ban.
    If you do not get unbanned, the Admins have their reason which they have to post.