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Author Topic: Germany Celle 2013 v 1.1 Beta Files Released!  (Read 1837 times)

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Germany Celle 2013 v 1.1 Beta Files Released!
« on: 06. April 2013, 16:53:50 »
You can download these Files here

For Support visit our Forum our Teamspeak (voice.wasd.at) if you have troubles getting the mod running.

Features of this mod are:
Version 1.1
+ Removing of Vehicle Parts (you need a toolbox and a crowbar to do that) - by SilverShot
+ Additional Character Moves and Animations (see http://warmod.webs.com/smkanimationpack.htm)
+ Sirens on Police-car
+ A6Q now drives more like the SUV
+ German Army Clothing
+ Survivor Zombies
+ THW (Technisches Hilfswerk/public social aid) Zombies and lootable Skins
+ Steal fuel from vehicles (needs flexible tube)
+ Burn down Tents (with the correct set of items or else shit wont happen )
+ Added THW Buildings (standby set, Tents)
+ Unbanned MMT_USMC, MMT_Civ and MTVR
+ Vehicle Parts now show damage percent
# Fixed a general DayZ Vehicle Bug (cannot refuel or fix vehicle if you are not the 'owner' of the vehicle)

Mission File
+ More Buildings - Expanding Cities and Villages
+ Added THW Base

Server File
+ Combat logger punishment
+ Support for new Skins
+ Animated Helicrashs
# Fixed Custom Inventory on first login (Which will not affect anything until an hiveExt update is released!)