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Feature Requests
« on: 02. April 2013, 09:31:54 »
These are some Ideas sent to us for improvements of the Germany Celle 2013 Modification.
Answers are in RED
My personal Feeling about that is in GREEN

  • + Loot Skins from Dead Bodies
  • ~ Clan Skins
  • + Make bandages have a chance to fail so you may require multiple to patch a wound
  • + Allow painkillers to stack Great Idea, not so easy to achieve becuase of the type of the item. We'll try it anyway but this will take some time.
  • - Allow players to bloodbag themselves. but make it so the time it takes to do it is significantly longer. Same goes for morphine. They are way too fast. For giving bloodbags to self: I feel that this would be counter intuitive to team play. The rest is okay and will maybe done in Official DayZ and subsequently included in our mod
  • ~ Perhaps create a requirement for wood+2bandages+morphine to walk again The Problem is that maybe most players wont get that one as this is far of the current DayZ Mechanics
  • + Give bloodbags a chance of messing you up and getting you sick This has already been done with the 1.7.6 Version
  • + Alter fueling locations to have a random amount of fuel rather than an infinite amount (Ranging from 0 to just a few jerry's worth) I really like that Idea, however I think its very difficult to achieve.
  • + Finding vehicles shouldn't be difficult, but keeping them functional should be challenging. Need more Ideas for that
  • + Add Empty Jerry to the loot table - not everyone should be a lucky bastard and find a full jerry
  • + Create industrial loot around broken down vehicles
  • + Create dynamic weather - more ground fog, snowstorms and such.
  • + Increase the size of most of the small towns - they need far more enterable buildings This is always a WIP but we release what we have on every version.
  • ~ Battery Life for flash lights.
  • + Handful of matches in a box (with chance to fail when lighting a fire + increased change to fail in windy/rainy areas)
  • ~ Maximum usage for the knife - perhaps a charge system - 1 charge lost per 1 meat gained.
  • + Axe - Chance to break on use - Falls apart after X amount of wood gathered. Well most players dont gather that much wood - however, setting the ammo amount to lets say 100 and increasingly you get a chance to break the axe on attack that would be nice!
  • + Toolbox - Rusted toolbox / incomplete set of tools - Chance to break on use.
  • + Alter the number of slots toolbelt items take. An axe and watch should not be 1 each in the toolbelt.
  • + Random loadout This is general a hive Issue - since Germany Celle 2013 is not a official part of Reality or other hives and we have to provide or own update scripts and server.pbo's because of the conflicts with the official Celle Version. But I try to build something and maybe then releasing 2 server.pbo's in the future!
  • + Chance to spawn bicycle next to you (Germany has many bikes :))

Some Ideas take from here
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Re: Feature Requests
« Reply #1 on: 15. April 2013, 17:51:00 »
Airlift: Transport vehicles with the MI17
I was able to try this on a different server. Was kinda awesome. Negative: you end up collecting all the cars :D