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Author Topic: Germany Celle 2013 v1.1 Preview Post  (Read 1498 times)

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Germany Celle 2013 v1.1 Preview Post
« on: 25. March 2013, 20:31:31 »
Franky and his team (WoP Psycho Dad, [ZFG] B3B | Dominik and myself) are working around the clock to bring you new features for Germany Celle 2013.
I tried those myself and I have to say they are astonishing. Ever had a problem finding Glass parts? Just remove them from another vehicle! Wished ever you could lean around a corner while lying on the ground? You can do that now!

Already Implemented
+ Removing of Vehicle Parts (you need a toolbox and a crowbar to do that) - by SilverShot
+ Additional Character Moves and Animations (see http://warmod.webs.com/smkanimationpack.htm)
+ Sirens on Police-car
+ A6Q now drives more like the SUV
+ German Army Clothing

# Fixed a general DayZ Vehicle Bug (cannot refuel or fix vehicle if you are not the 'owner' of the vehicle)

Planned Features
+ Steal fuel from vehicles
+ New Melee Weapons
+ Some purpose for Toilet Paper (do you have any ideas??)
+ More Buildings - Expanding Cities and Villages

And we have a special new move for all those pvp addicted players ;)