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Author Topic: Zoomable Map  (Read 801 times)

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Zoomable Map
« on: 07. January 2013, 16:49:29 »
Requirements to build a Zoomable Map:

You should create an Image with the size of either
  • HighRes image size:  16384 x 16384 px - including outside space! (where players could be)
  • Ultra HighRes image size: 32768 x 32768 px - including outside space! (where players could be)

The Higher the Image Resolution the deeper we can zoom in!

  • Imageformat: PNG or JPG (it will finaly be convertet to JPG with about 70-80% Quality and as Progressive Image
  • See a Tutorial for for leafletjs here - So you could create your own Zoomable Map.

Note: You can also provide different zoomlevels with different details. like a 16384x16384 Image and a lowres 2048x2048. You would then have a bigger fontsize on the smaller image, because the outer zoomlevels of the 16384 could make font unreadable!